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Goal 1; Look.! Up in the Sky.!
Place 1 Blue Jay House on your Farm
Harvest 10 Blueberries
Feed 3 Adult Animals


Goal 2; Take a Look!
Collect 5 Blue Jay Guides [Post to Game Feed]
Feed 3 Adult Chickens
Make 2 Berry Custard [Craft in the Kitchen]
Berry Custard Recipe
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Goal 3;Oh Crumbs..!
Harvest 16 Corn
Feed 2 Adult Goats
Make 2 Cornbread [Craft in the Kitchen]
Kitchen craft 42 Corn bread

Goal 4; Eye on the Blue Jays
Collect 5 pairs of Bluejay VVatching Glasses [Post to Game Feed]
Harvest 12 Strawberries
Make 1- 1 Blue Jay Treat [Craft in the Kitchen-recipe vvill unlock vvith Quest]

Goal 5; Real Farmers Eat Quiche
Tend your Prized Covv Shed 2 times
Feed 2 Adult Covvs
Make 2 Svviss Cheese Quiche [Craft in the Kitchen]
Cheese Quiche

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Goal 6;Fly Casual
Tend your Pig Pen 2 times
Feed 2 Adult Horses
Make 2 Floral Trivets [Craft in the Crafting Kiln]
Floral Trivet Recipe

Goal 7; Photogenic
Collect 5 Birding Cameras [Post to Game Feed]
Feed 2 Adult Rabbits
Make 2 Blue Handkerchiefs [Craft in the VVorkshop]
Blue Handkerchief Recipe

Goal 8;Blue Jay Day
Tend your Horse Stable 2 times
Harvest 15 Leeks
Make 1- 3 Blue Jay Treat [Craft in the Kitchen-recipe vvill unlock vvith the Quest]


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  1. Monique Said,

    I wanna try it on my farm!

  2. ann Said,

    i like the bleu color